If you or your loved ones are going through a tough time, and if you need some extra help that friends and family can’t seem to give, then talking with a trained professional can be the help that you need.

Whatever you or those you love are going through, your thoughts and feelings are not trivial worries, and help is possible.I realize that it is a difficult and humbling task asking for help – I would like to acknowledge that difficulty first of all, and to meet you in your strength.

To set up an appointment, or to get a free 20 minute phone consultation, you can call me directly at (323) 456-3010 or leave a voicemail stating your name, number, and some times for me to call you back at, or you can email me at My office is located at 5855 East Naples Plaza, Suite 213, Long Beach, CA, 90803, and I have day, evening, and Sunday appointments available at this time, so that we can find a time that works best for you.

Additionally, for the remainder of 2020, and with regard to social distancing regulations, all of my appointments are currently conducted over HIPAA compliant telemedicine services at

You aren’t alone.